Why Approach Matters

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February 9, 2022

Collectively, over the last 15 years or so years, our team has garnered experience from enough jobs that I couldn’t keep track if I tried.If we were to all sit down in a room and road map our career trajectories from the “very-beginning-of-time” through turning the corner into 2022, I’d bet on multiple moments where the observing members of the group’s jaws drop to floor in astoundment.


I think it would be quite a fun exercise. Every nitty gritty detail, every odd job to get from point A, to point A.1, to hopefully point B then C not long after. The diversity in those trajectories is powerful. It expands capabilities, perspectives, etc.

It had made us who we are.

In the hybrid agency/production industry space in which Moment lives, there’s sometimes pressure to race to the top. The “top” being perhaps an acquisition of the largest, most mammoth client by year 5.

When racing with blinders on, in pursuit from point A straight to Z, there are vital components of a company that risk getting lost in translation. (Taylor Swift fans unite! Anyways…)

That is to say, when you go full speed ahead, sometimes strategy gets left behind. The how, the angle, the approach. I think approach is how you win and keep not only clients, but partners.

It’s about how you want to show up, inspire, and advise – not only about your availability to a client but your continuous investment.

I’d further argue the more steps you take between point A and Z, the more refined your approach is. The more refined it has to be to reach a milestone. The accumulation of missteps in the beginning may yield that much more of a targeted approach as the years go on.Clients see this and appreciate it too. They want a partner, not a pain. I think we always make a conscious effort to be that.

So in 2022 and beyond, we’re growing slowly. Strategically. Crafting our approach. Somewhere between A and Z, always moving forward.

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