Three Celiac-Friendly Restaurants in St. Petersburg, FL

written by
hosted by
Brittany DeLuca
published on
July 18, 2022

Traveling with celiac disease is no easy feat – but something I find myself navigating often as a producer here at Moment who is routinely on the go. A few weeks ago, our team traveled to St. Petersburg, FL, for a client activation at the Reggae Rise Up Music Festival.
The views and the vibes at the festival were everything a reggae fan could dream of. But when it came time to eat, (all though there were vendors and restaurants galore) I had to make sure to choose wisely to ensure I stayed in tip-top condition.
Whether you find yourself in St. Petersburg for work or pleasure, here are three celiac-friendly dining options in the heart of this tropical Floridian escape.

1.Paradeco Coffee Roasters,
This trendy pastel coffee shop sits right in the heart of downtown historic St. Petersburg, and the whole menu is to die for. Not only do they brew a killer espresso and some creative latte concoctions, but the snacky breakfast plates are fresh, flavorful, and most importantly, gluten-free.
I dove into the Fast Breaker Breakfast Sandwich, the Buckeye Brownie, and the Morning Matcha smoothie. Any latte on the menu will blow you away. If I could go back, I would have tried the gluten-free French toast too.

2. Red Mesa Cantina,
Mexican cuisine is a typical go-to for me and many gluten free-friends when dining out. (Corn-based for the win). Red Mesa is a great dinner spot a step out of the buzz of downtown, but still in a convenient location with indoor and outdoor seating. Our waiter was kind, knowledgeable of the menu, and acted as an advocate for me in the kitchen to ensure there was no cross-contamination in what I ordered. The Refried Bean Dip and Seafood Mofongo were my favorite.

3. Ceviche,
A St. Petersburg staple – this popular tapas spot is right across from the water. Without a doubt, I ordered the Ceviche, along with a Greek salad and Fried Brussel Sprouts. Super fresh, packed with flavor, with no gluten in sight.
We’ll surely be back in St. Petersburg before we know it, and I look forward to finding more celiac-friendly restaurants in the area!

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