Thinking on One’s Toes

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August 4, 2021

I recently started working at Moment as a Junior Design Producer; hitting the ground running and learning a lot – very quickly. Having a background in a myriad of things, I am often referred to as a jack-of-all-trades. Although, I must admit the amount of information that has (or hasn’t) made its way into my brain over the last few weeks is undoubtedly measurable on some scale. What scale exactly is up for debate. In the meantime, I’m making time to get back on track; catching up on some industry knowledge in between projects and organizing emails.  

Settling into my expertise as a creator and designer who values making memorable moments, what I have found the most value in lately is this: the ability to think on one’s toes.

With the summer season drawing to a close and as the rise of another wave of COVID looms in the distance agencies have learned to pivot and think outside the box over the past year and a half. In person events as well as VR or hybrid solutions are in flux, and thus our ability as producers and creatives to pivot when needed is absolutely paramount at these junctures.  

We must continue to ask ourselves what new types of experiences and activations we can produce during this ongoing time of flux. My days now are filled with what I like to call moment-hacking or how can I pick apart the entire process, problem, and situation to find that hidden easter-egg that makes everything click, makes it all worthwhile.

So here I am now, at Moment. Where we are always thinking how to get ahead of the unexpected, how to pivot when needed and how to produce the best experience for our clients and their clients.

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