The Event Kit: Must Have Items for Successful Events

written by
hosted by
Luke Miller
published on
September 9, 2015

It comes standard with all of our events, whether it is wet sampling at a college tailgate or a ride and drive at a state fair. We call it the Event Kit. It is a simple package of items that we deem necessary for every event to run successfully. The items we include in our event kits may vary slightly from event to event, but, no matter the contents, we see the event kit as a critical component that should always be present.

There is a good chance that every single item in an event kit will go unused over the course of said event. Here at The Shop, we would consider that non-use the hallmark of a successful event. However, when the time comes and the kit is needed, our clients and staff are always pleased it’s there. It’s inevitable that something will go wrong at an event, but if it never gets noticed or it never becomes a problem, then we’ve done our job and the event kit is often responsible for that.

Here are our top ten items that must be included in every event kit:

1) Leatherman – This simple multi-tool will save your ass more times than a private toilet at a chili festival. From the knife you will need to cut off that stupid snag on your tour manager’s shirt to the screw driver you will use to tighten a loose screw on the iPad kiosk, the Leatherman is a very good friend at an event. Best of all, you can use it to crack that hard earned beer at the end of the day.

2) Zip Ties – These little guys can do it all. They can replace a missing bolt, they can nicely adhere your beautiful banner to the fence, and, in a bind, they can hold together your 10X10 tent that just fell apart between markets. Zip ties should never go forgotten.

3) Magic Erasers – Oh, how magic they are! You told your client to stay away from white materials, but of course they didn’t listen. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean and that brilliant bald head of his. Magic Erasers will make your whites look clean and pressed, just like momma used to make ’em!

4) Windex/409 – Everything will get dirty…or covered in fingerprints. Don’t forget you will probably need some towels to go with this one. Pro Tip: Windex makes these fabulous little pre-moistened cloths, 2 in 1…can’t beat it.

5) Gaff Tape – Just as good as duct tape, but better! It can patch up your ripped table cloth, serve as packing tape when you forgot to pick it up, or, most importantly, it can gaff down those pesky power cords. Avoid the trip hazard, always have gaff tape.

6) Rations – A box of granola bars and a couple bottles of water. There is nothing worse than being stuck without food and/or water. Stash a supply of quick eats and drinks, so yourself or your staff never go hungry or thirsty.

7) First Aid Kit – Pretty easy one here, but make sure it has some headache medicine in it too. Nothing stops an event like an ill or injured staff member. Make it easy to remedy the problem. Of course, if it is serious get that person to the proper medical facility.

8) Extension Cord and Power Strip – You never know when you might be one foot too short or one plug too few. These are two minor and inexpensive items that can save you from a major issue.

9) Paracord – It’s like rope, but it’s a gazillion times stronger. Tie something down on a windy day, hold that display in place while you anchor it to the wall, or keep those 10,000 pens from flying all over the place in the truck. It’s rope, it’s twine, it’s string…it’s the shit they use to jump out of planes! If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

10) Velcro – This stuff is so damn useful. We don’t even need to explain why it’s on this list. Pack it, you won’t regret it.

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