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Graham Polacek
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May 30, 2019

DENVER, CO: An ad agency, headquartered in the historic Oxford Annex across from Union Station, is recognizing an evolution in their strategic offerings. Long known for their expertise in engagement marketing, the preeminent discipline within marketing and advertising, Moment Creative is now a full-service studio offering everything from strategy, creative, and design to full-scale production and in-depth ROI analysis.

Formerly known as Shop Marketing and Creative Group, or The Shop for short, Moment Creative will retain engagement marketing as their core pillar, but will now be better suited to fulfil the top to bottom needs of current and future clients. Moment defines engagement marketing as actively engaging consumers through experiences and events rather than traditional passive mediums. Engaging these consumers has continued to require more and more of the marketing and advertising spectrum – print, digital, content, and social. Moment Creative is a shift in name only, that is commensurate with their long-standing goal: creating moments.

Moment Creative is an acknowledgment of the deeply personal invocation that occurs within each of these curated experiences and it challenges our team of marketers, advertisers, and engagers to create for those individual moments. These moments can range in depth and meaning, but include things like the exact point in time that a young boy becomes a life-long fan of a team when a player signs their jersey at a fan appreciation party or the first hug between a family and their new furry friend shortly before going home with them from an adoption event.

The shift to Moment Creative has been a long time coming. “Under our former name, we often struggled to define our work within the prevailing confines of the field: experiential, engagement, and/or event marketing,” said Luke Miller, Founder/Executive Creator at Moment Creative. “We’re not just a marketing company. We are so much more.” he added. Moment’s Head of Strategy and Production, Lauren Lindstrom, explained “Experiences don’t guarantee a moment, but moments guarantee an experience.” Lindstrom went on to say, “that’s how we’re different from other agencies and why brands want to work with us…because we think and create for the moment.”


Moment Creative is a design agency focused on creating moments of consumer immersion that bring brands and products to life. Founded in 2015 by downtown Denver resident and marketing expert, Luke Miller, Moment Creative has been dazzling clients with innovative, show-stopping projects for local, national, and global clients.


For more information, please contact Graham Polacek, Communication Director for Moment Creative. He can be found at or 303-999-8446.

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